Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Statistical Analysis

Spring Break! Yeah, no middle-schoolers for an entire week. So why do I feel so stressed? And why am I wondering what the statistical probability of two people having the same birthday while writing a paper about the history of discrete mathematics meeting on a train traveling 75 m.p.h towards New York City could possibly be?

Oh yeah, I am in a Master's Program! I am not actually on spring break, instead I have a whole week to read, write and compute for my program. It is bitter-sweet my friend, bitter-sweet indeed.

All is not lost though. Douglas and I enjoyed a fabulous date night last Saturday evening. I was completely surprised. He arranged for a sitter and everything. We drove down to Hollywood to listen to live music at a little place called the Hotel Cafe. It was one of those, someone he knows at work has a band, and was playing, and there we were, surrounded by twenty-somethings in fedoras. It was a lot of fun. And I learned that I need to get me some skinny jeans and some hot boots! Boo-yah!

Happy Spring.