Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mom's Beach Day

Lounging on the sand, listening to the gentle swishing of the waves on the shore, the cry of the  seagulls . . ahhhh the beach.   For my next trip, I think I'll try it without the kids.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Douglas has a new job and starts tomorrow.  This is a wonderful job and is an answer to our prayers and the prayers of family and friends in our behalf.  

We are so grateful to the Lord for His grace and His love for our family.  Douglas has been out of work for over five months now, and during this period we have had some real ups and downs emotionally.  But, our prayers and pleadings with Heavenly Father were always answered with the peaceful feelings that only come from the Comforter.  Time and time again, Heavenly Father made us aware of His great love for our family and His awareness of our situation.

Not all of our trials our over, not by far!  But it is very nice to see one piece of the puzzle fall into place.  We continue to pray for guidance and direction for our family.  We are trying to follow God's plan for us, because we think it just might be a lot better than we can figure out for ourselves!  LOL.

A little bit about the job:  Douglas will be working for the in-house promotions department of ABC.  He is working in the post production department as a line producer.  He has been hired on as a free-lancer, but the job has no immediate ending point.  So we are employed for the foreseeable future.  He was recommended for the job by a woman in our ward who works there.  We are so grateful to Patti for her generosity of spirit.  The job has a few perks - it is relatively close by.  No more long hauls to Santa Monica through hours of awful traffic - yeah!  And, it is a regular work week - 40 hours.  So no more crazy weeks where Douglas gets home at midnight and is back out the door at 8.  

We love you all.  Thank you again for your prayers in our behalf.