Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday afternoon, the boys are playing blocks in their room. Addison is practicing violin. Douglas is reading in the kitchen and I sit here again at the computer.

We have had a very lovely Thanksgiving weekend and I am not eager to go back to the school/ work grind again tomorrow. I want to be home making cookies and decorating and wrapping presents and sewing and . . . Well. I look forward to these next three weeks zipping by. We will be leaving for PA on December 21. Christmas on the vineyard will be beautiful and homey.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving Day at the Potter's home. Serena posted some nice pictures. The one problem with having dinner at someone else's home is the lack of leftovers. (Which are, in my opinion, the best part of the holiday.) So last night we cooked our own turkey dinner complete with stuffing, yams, braised fennel and fresh clams steamed in beer and garlic. Sooo good. And now we have turkey for sandwiches and soup. Love it!

Today in Sacrament meeting, the talks were all about gratitude. I love this subject. The first time I really thought about gratitude was in college when a friend left on her mission. At her farewell she spoke about gratitude and its importance. I remember thinking, what a weird topic for a farewell talk. But, as I listened to her speak, I realized that this was a virtue completely lacking in my life - or at least very undervalued. This was a "bookmark" moment in my life - a point that I look to and know spiritual growth occurred. What a blessing - thank you Tricia Smith, where ever you are now!

Since that day I have strived to be grateful in all things. I have found gratitude to be my antidote to pride. My little family is not wealthy, we are not even always comfortable and struggle to make ends meet. At times this is frustrating and I feel my spirit becoming depressed or angry. When I remember to turn to the Lord for strength during these times, the Spirit reminds me to be grateful. When I truly look at my blessings and humbly thank the Lord, I always realize that I have everything I need. I'm grateful for the speakers today for reminding me of this, I needed a true shot of gratitude this week.

And at this very moment I am truly grateful to Douglas for taking care of yet another dirty diaper. I am so lucky to have married such a good father. I love you honey!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Love the Planet your on is back!

Addison has finally decided to start blogging again on her blog, Love the Planet Your On. She has alot of things to post about, so keep watching her blog for new posts. To visit, just click on the link.

Love the Planet

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handel's Messiah and Thanksgiving

I'm sitting here this morning listening to the Messiah. And the chorus playing while I type is Rejoice Greatly!

Today I am rejoicing greatly in my three munchkins. Our breakfast conversation went something like:

Addison: Since I'm on the green team at school I need to participate in the school clean-up.

Elias: Who's on the Red Team?

Mason: Me too taste, Me too taste! (As he grabs for my orange juice.)

I wonder what else I will have to Rejoice in today?