Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy First Birthday Mason

Amazingly, Mason's first birthday is here.  A year ago today on a blistering August afternoon, our little guy was born.  He was 8 lbs 8 oz (or so we think) and 21 inches long.  He had a mop of dark hair.  

A year later Mason now crawls at break neck speeds, cruises the furniture and has even taken his first few steps.  He says Mama and waves bye-bye.  He signs "more."  He adores his big brother Elias and follows him everywhere.  This boy is very easy-going and is quick to smile and laugh.  He is curious and always wants to know what "the big people" are up to.  

Can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Worm poop makes the best compost!

A couple of years ago, I started a worm composting bin with my fourth graders.  The bin is a simple plastic box with air holes which you fill with damp newpaper strips and red wriggler worms.  The wrigglers are easy to care for, they just need to stay damp and be fed everynow and again.  They are not picky eaters and will devour vegetable and fruit peelings, grains, coffee grounds and filters, newspaper and other organic materials.  They eat up and then 'cast' out beautiful, rich garden compost.

Since I've been at home, I've kept the worm bin on the porch. Sometimes I pay attention to them, most of the time I don't.  In fact the last time I peeked in the box I was frightened away by a large infestation of soldier flies.  They look like giant wasps.  So I screamed, and closed the lid, deciding that the worms could just fend for themselves from now on.  After I calmed down, I discovered, that though nasty looking, these flies just meant I had damp, organic material in an advanced stage of decomposition.  Basically, I needed to empty out my worm bin and give my wigglers more to eat.

Thanks to a little prodding from Douglas, we decided to have a family night centered around harvesting our worm compost.  We emptied out our bin and found it full of several pounds of dark, rich compost and a healthy colony of worms.  The compost went on the plants and the worms went back in the bin. (Mostly.)

Here's what our beauties look like.

Photo Journal

Aunt Amber sharing the love.

Love Ruby's laugh!  She's the cutest.  Maybe her good nature will rub off on Elias.  Oops, apparently not.

These girls got along famously.  Lovin' the hats - and Ruby's bum.

Grandpa is very proud of all his grandkids.

We went for a short walk at the top of Millcreek Canyon and had to get our feet wet.  That water was so cold!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where Have You Been!?!

I've been off my blogger for awhile and can't seem to get back on.  But I'll give it a try.  Here's a recap from our last month.

We had a wonderful time in Salt Lake visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  Our original purpose for going, was to attend cousin Gracie's baptism.  We were so glad that we could be there for her special day.  Grace looked beautiful and very happy.  So proud of you!   Addison was flattered to be asked to play her violin during the service.  She did a great job.

We had originally planned on staying through the 24th of July so that we could attend the parade and fireworks that are part of  Utah's Pioneer Day celebration.  Douglas stuck to the original plans, but the kids and I ended up staying, and staying and staying  . . .

Visiting Grandma's is like staying at a five star luxury resort, complete with individual suites and matching bathrobes. (Well not really the bathrobes.)   Even the baby got his own room - the magical "chamber of sleep," where our little one learned to finally sleep through the night without keeping the rest of the family, or the neighbors awake too.  Heaven, pure heaven.

Our five star resort had the best of everything!  Yummy homemade food, a fun pool with all sorts of floaty toys, an entire room dedicated to toys for kids, and a television that finally allowed Addison to watch her fill of Hannah Montana and whatever other obnoxious drivel Disney channel provides.  (I am so glad we don't have Disney channel!  But I am kind of sad that we can't watch the Olympics now that I chucked the TV antenna. Oh well.)

Elias and his cousin Kenny got in hours of playtime together.  Mostly, they got along swimmingly.  Elias really fell in love with his big cousin.  After we got home, every night for a week he prayed, "Nank you, Heavenly Fader for playing wif my cousin Kenny."  I thought it was incredibly sweet.

The kids had a TON of cousin time.  They wore themselves out, and in turn we completely wore out Grandma.  After we had stayed and stayed and then stayed some more, she finally threatened to drive us home.  So, we took the hint and skedaddled out of there.  Thank you, mom for putting up with all the chaos!

So now we are back home, nothing much doing.  Douglas is still mostly out of work.  He did have a fun three day gig working  for the CBS show NUMBER3.  He got paid to be a "climbing consultant" for an episode that featured rock climbing.  I think it was the most fun he's had in a while.  Since then, we've been doing all the usual job hunting stuff, praying hard, going to the temple, abstaining from food for periods of time (mostly cuz we're low on grocery money - ha ha ha), burning incense and putting fruit on our altar of unemployment insurance.  You know, the usual.  So it should all work out eventually.

This being just a quick recap, I have left out several important, fun details, such as Our Day With the Potters, and Watching the Olympics With the Kriders.  But to make up for it, here are some cute pictures instead.

Just kidding.  My camera battery died.  I'll have to post pictures - Later!