Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Summer

This summer has been unusual for us as neither Michele and I have a job. Knowing this would be the case we decided to save as much money as possible and travel. I realize that we should have been posing every step of the way but only now are we doing it. The summer started out in SLC with a visit to Michele's Parents. Then I went to West Virginia to drown in the rain. Then we all met up again at the vineyard, and today we drove from the vineyard to Barrington New Hampshire where we spent the afternoon / evening with my life long friends the Shipleys. Here are some photos from Ayers Pond:

Grandma Lynn Relaxes after the 10 hour drive from PA to NH.

The grey house the Shipleys have owned since 1957.

Michele and Addison try Kayaking.

Dinner on the porch of the house. I had my first meal here, in 1971.

Addison, Mason, Elias, William, and Chris Shipley who introduced me to rock climbing.

Swimming after dinner: Mason, Douglas, Eddie, and Liz

Mason enjoys the water.

As the day ends.